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Obsidian is a striped black stone with a color panel ranging from white to bluish gray. First used for its physical properties in the era of prehistory, it is now used for its aesthetics.


A Roman soldier named "Obsidius" brought back this brilliant stone after its discovery in Ethiopia, it was then named in his honor and became Obsidian. This stone is mainly found in Africa, but it is also possible to find it at the foot of volcanoes, in South America and Asia. Depending on its origin, its appearance will not be identical, it is sometimes possible to confuse it with Black Tourmaline or Onyx.


Obsidian is mainly composed of silica and glass. It is a hard and brittle stone, its hardness is 5.5 on the Mohs scale. It has the particularity of not resisting fire, at high temperature, it melts.


The virtues of Obsidian focus mainly on the physical. It is known to relieve muscle pain, purify the blood and heal wounds.

On the psychic level, it soothes anxiety, helps meditation and introspection.

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