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Howlite is a sober and elegant stone. Its gray veins give it a unique royal note. Discovered only 150 years ago, this stone evokes purity and renewal.


Howlite is a modern stone, discovered in 1868 by Henry How, it is considered semi-precious. This stone is mined in Canada, Germany and Italy. It bears its name in homage to Henry How who initiated the research work. Howlite does not have as rich a history as other minerals, its discovery is far too recent.


Howlite is a calcium silico-borate and belongs to the calcite group. It can be in the translucent state but also opaque. Its white color is the most represented, however, there are some with other shades, approaching pale yellow or pale green.


The virtues of this stone are numerous, both for the body and for the mind. It is known to be stabilizing. It clarifies the mind and allows you to listen to yourself. Howlite promotes deep and restorative sleep. It is also used to eliminate toxins from the body.

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