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Amethyst is an incomparable purple stone, the brilliance of this color makes this Crystal unique. This stone evokes will, determination and passion.


The Amethyst owes its name to the Greek Nymph for whom the god Bacchus had fallen madly in love. This stone has brought protection, luck and love for millennia. It is mined in South Africa, India and Madagascar.


Amethyst is a quartz crystal with a violet tint. This color is given by the manganese, iron and titanium that compose it. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is 7 and its specific gravity is 2.6. Its color varies from pale mauve to dark purple, it can be opaque or translucent depending on its composition.


The virtues of this stone are numerous. It mainly helps to refocus energies, it helps to overcome fears and addictions. It also has beneficial actions for respiratory and blood problems.

It also helps to facilitate sleep as well as to turn to the other. It therefore naturally has the reputation of being a stone of love.

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