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Indian agate

Indian Agate is a stone with multiple colors and inclusions that give it this unique character. This stone is commonly used in jewelry and lithotherapy.


The stone of Agate bears this name in reference to the Sicilian river Achates, today called Dirillo. Its surroundings are full of this precious mineral which inherited the name. Indian Agate is currently mainly mined in India, the state of Gujarat has the majority resources of this mineral. This stone has been used for millennia for its symbol of peace and well-being.


Gray Agate is mainly made up of chalcedony and quartz. It is therefore a mineral that is mainly composed of silica. There are a large number of varieties of this stone, involving physical and aesthetic differences. Its hardness varies between 6.5 and 7 Mohs.


The virtues of this stone are numerous. This stone brings well-being, appeasement and improvement of memory.
It promotes personal anchoring, encourages creativity and the realization of one's dreams.

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